Monday, October 13, 2014

Author Spotlight **David Revilla**

David Revilla is an up and coming author from New York. Today we feature him in our author spotlight as he releases his new book, The River Styx.

David Revilla wrote his first book with pencil and paper, a work lost in the innumerable passages of time…i.e., his basement. Years of procrastination and several short-stories later, The River Styx is his first published novel. The only thing harder than writing the book, he admits, was restraining himself from editing it “just one more time,” because as everyone knows authors are their own worse critics.
A native son of NYC, he dreams of one day moving to someplace less sunny.

Also, let's go back to David's acceptance of our writing challenge!

In 3000 words or less, write about a woman or man that has been falsely imprisoned for half of their life. What do they do when they are finally proven innocent and set free?

Download David's new book today!