Friday, September 19, 2014

Smolder on a Slow Burn **Review**

Smolder on a Slow Burn

‘You will never be damaged or broken
in my sight.’

This thrilling love story starts off when the two main characters, Allison & AJ, meet on a train headed in the same direction: away. AJ Adams is a strong, but deeply damaged Civil War Vet, who’s been through hell and back. Allison is a tough, sassy woman is running away from her hometown and all of the horrid memories that haunt her there.  Among many things, she’s running from a man who wants her dead; the same man who is responsible for killing her twin sister & nephew. When the two meet, AJ quickly realizes Allison isn’t your typical woman and doesn’t take orders, particularly his ordering her to go away when she wanders into his train-car. They immediately butt heads but inevitably let their walls down. It’s not long before they both end up developing somewhat of a soft spot for each other, soft enough that AJ drops everything & pulls Allison off of the train and out of harm’s way when they discover she’s being followed. 

However, she isn’t being followed by just anyone, not only does she recognize Nathan Garrison as the right hand man to Oakten, the man who wants her dead, but AJ and Garrison are no strangers. Oakten is Adams number one target for all of his pent up anger from being help prisoner of war, where he faced unimaginable conditions and punishments. Punishments handed down from the Prisons Commander, Oaken himself. So what starts out as helping a damsel in distress, turns into the perfect opportunity to get to Oakten. Using Allison as bait wasn’t intended to be harmful; it was more a means to an end, all while keeping her safe. Things don’t get too complicated until he realized he’s fallen completely head over heels for her. As she for him. The two end up teaming up with the main objective of getting out of dodge & finding a way to bring Oakten to justice, for all that he has done to not only AJ, but to Allison as well.

A story fit for the big screen, set in the good old western days. The love story was deep and touching, with a couple of steamy love scenes along the way. The author did a flawless job at capturing how close both sides of the Civil War were; brother virus brother, friend virus friend, so on and so forth. It’s impossible to know just how awful the war truly was but the author threw in true stories to paint somewhat of a picture that will easily bring a tear to your eye. As a huge fan of AJ Adams, I would have enjoyed a more drawn out revenge on Oakten, but was more than content with the ending. Overall it was a great story, with lots of action and drama. Ends were tied up, with twists and surprises you’d never see coming, but will leave you entertained and satisfied, with a smile on your face.
Another great read by Lynda Cox, thank you & well done!

*****5/5 Stars*****