Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Red Rex: Blood Echoes ** Book Blast **

Red Rex: Blood Echoes

Author, Calinda B.

"Your true name is Red Rex. The baddest of badasses, an alpha warrior beyond compare, here to wipe out the existence of the Deltarcs..." Or, at least, that's what he's been told.

Eighteen year old Gaige Dupond has his life all mapped out. Lose his virginity to Emily. Get married. Become a pro soccer player and travel the world. Simple, right?

His father, a pure-bred Deltarc from another planet, whose race is growing extinct on planet Earth, has other plans--either confirm that he truly takes after his warrior father, and not his dearly departed empath mother, or snuff out his existence.

All plans go awry, however, when the dangerous red darkness in Gaige is awakened like a beam of hell flickering from his right eye, in a night of relentless sexual initiation. Intense cravings and unquenchable arousal are stimulated, and Gaige must find a way to satisfy them without destroying his victims. Pursued by a vicious Deltarc bounty hunter, Deltarc tracking hounds and his father's wicked minions, he loses his home, his life, all that he holds dear in pursuit of the truth. In his quest to find his mother, victim to a corrupt cryopreservation project in outer space, and right the wrongs inflicted on him, he finds something far darker--his own sinister motivations and the need to feed on something other than human food. His only companion, a lab rat refugee named Sojourn, Gaige knows he'll never be loved--not in the way he'd always envisioned. Will he find the revenge he's seeking, or will he become an evil replica of his father? That's the last thing he'd ever wish on himself, but it may be his only option for survival.

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  5 stars - Calinda B has crafted a very intricate, well described story. Gaige is a normal boy attending high school, playing soccer and in love with his girlfriend Emily. He suddenly faces a very violent coming of age at the hands of his father. While he searches for his mother with the help of his teacher, an older woman and an escaped lab rat, he learns to use his new powers. As he finally accepts himself for who he is now, all of his other problems work themselves out. I absolutely loved this story. Kudos, Calinda.