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The Lantern of Dern Blackhammer **Book Blast**

There was a war. In a desperate moment, a handful of 
warriors came together to forge the single most 
powerful magic weapon that had ever existed. It was
the one thing that could defeat a pair of gods, and set
the very plane of existence back upon its balance.
Then, it was lost. 

It is a gilded age. A time when city states come together
in the name of commerce, and wealth. The finer things 
can be had by the common being, and magic relics are
sought after for their beauty and power. Such ancient
things can lead to trouble, so the city state of Moore
conducts a cold war of espionage to further its interests,
and truth be told, so does everyone else. While the
average citizen enjoys a walk in the park, or a carriage 
ride to the theater, evil strides the land in search
of ancient magic to undo the  very fabric of the world.

Ford must lay hands on an ancient magic relic that
could spell doom for his city and possibly the world.
The  problem? An ambitious mage named Raven Hill
has set  his eyes on the item, and all the power it will
imbue him with.  Ford races against time, the elements, and
even fate, to keep the single most powerful magic
weapon that exists from falling into the hands of a mad
man. If he fails, Ford’s beloved city, and all other cities,
will bow down to a self-made god.

He could almost hear the words of Pil’tuk the goblin glass maker, “The lens will not scratch, and can take the impact of a god’s battle hammer!”
      “But, do you think the lantern will work?” he had said to Pil’tuk.
      “If the mad magician Valen of Del can produce us a Dark Star gem. But, only chaos magic is strong enough to do the trick, and we both know what that means; if he fails to condense the energy just right, we might all be blasted into ash.”
      Looking over his shoulder to the corner of the forge-room Dern could see the large black gem locked between wooden pincers. A shiver ran up his spine; the unnatural gem was the final touch, the power, the light, the quantillian dark gem with the power of a star. The magician had done his job all right, making something terrifying that did not belong on this world or any other, and for his trouble he was torn into atoms by the power of chaos. Poor bastard, Dern thought.
      He approached the gem. From the black surface the reflection of his own eye looked back at him. For a moment the blackness was all consuming, as if it was absorbing not only the light, but his thoughts as well. The eye in the reflection blinked, and he shook his head in surprise. Did he blink? He didn’t know. Looking at the surface again he seemed to be looking back at himself, looking into the gem, looking back at himself…his skin crawled and his hair stood on end. He looked away concentrating on the lantern to clear his mind, then he looked back at the wooden clamps.
      Carefully taking the gem, he carried it over to the lantern, opened the small door in the side and placed it within the rectangular chamber, angling the gem so the flat surface faced the lens. Closing the door he locked it tight. “Now to ignite the flame!” said Dern, a slight headache forming in his skull.
      He closed his eyes and envisioned the complex relationship between the geometry and the elements within, linking fields of force with the matter’s energy channels. As he opened his eyes a near blinding light dazzled him as a beam shot from the lantern onto the wall. The atoms of the wall vanished and a hole of pure blackness appeared. He secured the lens cap, careful not to expose himself to the light. Looking at the contraption he was startled by a sudden knock at the door.
      “Blackhammer, is it finished?” said a soft feminine voice.
      “Are you trying to cause my death!” he said. “I am as finished as this lantern. Let’s hope it works.”
      She opened the door and came into the room, the light of pure energy taking shape into womanly form. “The war is nearly won, and for all your sacrifices, you will be given rest and worship in the Netherworld,” she said.
      “You spiritual beings are all alike, bend us mortals to your will then we are forgotten.”
      “Not so,” she said. “We prize you mortals for the role you play in this universe. Besides, do you want to exist forever in this form?” She laughed and her laughter lifted his spirit with joy. Bending down she put her hands on either side of his coarsely bearded face making his skin crackle with static as she kissed him on the lips.

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Author Lawrence BoarerPitchford presents The Lantern of Dern Blackhammer

The readers out there are flooded with prose. The written word is so prolific today that most people take it for granted that works of fiction are within easy reach. Kindle, Nook, i-Pad, and a host of other electronic reading devices make access to literature the easiest that has ever existed on the earth in the history of man. And, so the reader is lost in a sea of authors competing for visibility in the commercial space.
Lawrence BoarerPitchford, author of such works as Thadius, Sawbones, In the World of Hyboria, and the cheeky novel Tales of Mad Cows and Brothels, presents a work of fiction that will appeal to those who love high-fantasy adventure. In a world where orcs, goblins, elves, humans, giants, and dwarves all live and work together, there’s trouble brewing. “I’ve taken the concept of high-fantasy and painted it with a new brush. In a land that resembles nineteenth century Europe, the characters in The Lantern of Dern Blackhammer must find and steal a relic that could spell doom for their civilization. Imagine if you will, Tolkien’s world, but after a thousand years or more. Magic is a profound technology, along with steam, and water-power, but those ancients knew something; they had a secret. Now that secret can undo reality,” the author stated. 
Now Lawrence BoarerPitchford, the man with the huge name, is offering his novel The Lantern of Dern Blackhammer as a paperback as well as the various e-book formats. If you have an e-reader, it is a snap to purchase a BoarerPitchford novel, and if you like the feel of paper in your hands, they’re in paperback form too.

Having four novels on Amazon, all for sale and download onto Kindle, Lawrence knows the struggle new authors face. “I write fiction to entertain. While it is true I have a degree in business, a degree in public policy, and a degree in information technology, I choose to write fiction because I have a strong desire to see people enjoy escaping their mundane lives and exploring a land of adventure and excitement in a world of my making. Perhaps it is the acme of hubris that I think I can entertain, but I am hardly qualified to be the judge of that. It really is you the readers who should be the measure of my success or failure to entertain; having said that, I offer up to you my works for your accolades or ire.” 

“If you like rugged adventure and action stories, stop by, purchase a book, and enjoy, then make your voice heard by posting a review on GoodReads, Amazon, or any place you feel you can be heard.”  The author also encourages readers to drop by his web site and contact him. 

Lawrence BoarerPitchford works and lives in the Sacramento region. His work can be located on Amazon books, Smashwords, Barnes and Nobel, and many other places where fine quality fiction can be found. One can also read samples of his novels on his web site Take a moment to and visit the author on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and Goodreads.