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A New Review of Dark Prophet, by Author Thomas Ray Manning

A New Review of Dark Prophet, 

by Author Thomas Ray Manning

Dark Prophet: The Chronicles of Koa is the second Koa novel written by author K.N. Lee and it’s a great follow-up to Netherworld! We spend the beginning learning about Koa’s past, and in the present the action picks up seconds after the last novel ended. Koa and Jax are fleeing from the Netherworld while Halston fights off some nasty creatures who are bent on destroying him and hunting Koa down. This all leads to a story that is a thrilling ride full of action and adventure.

Jax is a welcome addition to the Koa Chronicles, especially considering the connection and fondness Koa’s developed with Halston. All the characters and their dialogue are written well, most of all Koa who continues to be an awesome protagonist as she unknowingly evolves into a powerful player in both the human world and Netherworld.

But my highest commendation for the story is the imagination of author K.N. Lee. What really sets this series apart are the worlds and pieces she’s created. The Lyrinian Blade and the Infinity Gun are just a couple examples, and then there are the unique creatures which infest the Netherworld. All of the creation and originality helps to pull you in and leave you wanting more.

If you enjoy the supernatural element this is definitely a series to pick up! If you read and enjoyed Netherworld, then this purchase is a no-brainer!


Raven closed her eyes and sighed.
She missed hearing her real name. To be free from her curse to live as a cat. To have her beloved daughter back. Those were the things she now fought for.
The carnage before her was sickening, but she had to remember why she was there and what they were up against. Still, days of tracking Bund’s crimes were beginning to wear on Raven. She only hoped that soon Koa and Halston would return from the Netherworld with the one vamp that could reverse her curse.
“This is awful,” Alice said to Raven as she knelt over the little girl’s body. “For someone so young to suffer this way.”
Alice covered the girl’s mangled face up and stood. She had to be careful not to step in the puddle of blood. She shook her head. “It’s fairly fresh. I’d say this was probably his first kill of the morning.” Alice let out a long breath. “What a damn shame. He’s certainly not trying to be discreet about any of this.”
Raven followed behind her, saddened by what she had seen. “How are we going to stop Bund?”
Alice flicked a hand and the two detectives who had been investigating the murders woke up from their trance. She sidestepped them and disappeared into the crowd on the sidewalk before they even realized what had happened.
“First, we should tell everyone to keep their children inside, lock their doors, and pray that Bund doesn’t become bold enough to start snatching little girls out of their bedrooms.”
Raven squeezed her eyes closed. She hated to imagine what happened to the girls that Bund chose. Just thinking that Koa had been harmed by him brought back terrible feelings of sorrow and worry.
Alice glanced back at her. She smoothed her short pink hair with the palm of her hand. “But we can’t exactly tell the humans about the existence of vampires and psychotic demons, can we?”
Raven sighed. “I suppose not.”
Alice made a face. “You know, I sometimes think ignorance isn’t quite as blissful as it seems. Maybe the humans wouldn’t be so foolish if they knew that supernatural creatures were targeting them.” She gave Raven a look. “What do you think?”
“Don’t some of them know though? The kids that go out and become pets know.”
“True. But that’s only a slim portion of the human population. I wonder what would happen if we just hopped on the television and made an announcement.”
“The Netherworld Division wouldn’t be a secret organization anymore.”
Alice grinned. “Exactly. Halston and I could fight crime in the open, instead of trying to hide it. But oh well. It would never work. The humans are lucky to not have such worries on their mind. I guess that’s why we do what we do.”
Raven quickened her pace as Alice turned a corner towards a cemetery. “I suppose.”
“Indeed, little kitty. I am searching for the powerful, the fearless… the perfect crew.” Alice reached in her pocket and pulled out a small device that resembled a compass. Raven wished she was taller, to see its face. She heard a tiny clicking sound and saw a gold light shoot from it and stretch far into the maze-like mausoleum buildings.
“Alice,” Raven called, pausing to stare at the light. “What is that?”
Alice lifted a brow. “What? Oh, it’s something Halston made for me.”
Raven sat on her back legs. She licked her paws. She hated being dirty, and the cold dirt was getting stuck in between her claws.
“I can’t wait to see what gadgets he’s created for you.” Alice smiled, walking in the direction of the light.
Raven lifted a brow and hurried behind. “What?”
Alice chuckled. “You didn’t think that Halston would let you into the division and not give you some sort of weapon, did you?”
Raven was speechless. She’d never thought of such a thing. She’d never needed gadgets before, but when she was in her true form, she had enough power to not need the use of weapons.
Raven’s fur stood on end. She looked up at the sky. Clouds slowly began to block the sun and the air grew colder. Night would soon be upon them. She felt herself growing a little weary. There was so much evil that awoke when night fell. 

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