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Intimate Moments & The J Spot **Book Blast**

What do you do when you have not one, but three handsome men vying for your affection and attention?  The answer is not so simple for Tonju.  She has to make a decision between two men from her past and one man that has currently wandered into her life and wants to be her future.  The question is, “Which man will she choose?”

The J Spot is not what you think it is.  It’s not the type of nightclub that is coming to your mind either.  Once inside the club, you will see the maturity.
Kevin is the type of man that every woman he comes in contact with wants to take home, keep him and possess him.  Does he let that happen?

Excerpt #1 for Intimate Moments
Through the entire conversation Tony searched through his memory trying to remember where he had seen Tonju before she caught his eyes at The Lobster House. He was sure he had seen her somewhere before.
It finally hit him and he remembered, he saw her at Reed, Randall, and Wade. He was at their office earlier in the week for a meeting before he came to San Diego. She was the Senior Paralegal giving a presentation in the conference room when he walked by. When he saw her, he thought to himself that she was very professional, very attractive along with sexy. Her cream colored skirt suit with the coffee brown blouse and the matching cream and brown shoes were a compliment to her small shapely frame, and not to mention she had a pair of shapely legs.
Her hair was pulled back into a bun and her makeup was natural and flawless. He also remembered passing her office with the unique name on the door. He wasn’t sure as how to pronounce it, until now. When he saw her at The Lobster House, he had a feeling he had seen her somewhere before but couldn’t remember then either.
A smile formed from corner to corner on his face. “This could be destiny,” he said to himself. “Did you say something?”
“No, just thinking out loud. Would you care to dance?”
The sounds of the music had slowed down and this might have been his opportunity to get the chance to hold Tonju in his arms. The song “Cherish This Moment” by Kem was being played.
“Sure, that’ll be nice and I can quit swaying in this chair.”
He took Tonju by the hand and led her to the dance floor. He was able to get a good up close look at her, especially in that dress. He was in full admiration. Taking her in his arms, he held her close to him.
The aroma from her hair and skin made him close his eyes to take her all in.
He had to ask, “what’s that perfume you’re wearing?” he smelled the scents of Casaba Melon, Plum, and Freesia.
“Pure Seduction by Secrets of Victoria.”
“I love the scent. It smells great on you.”
“Thank you.”
Tony wondered to himself…“Will this be a well-kept secret tonight?” Holding her close and inhaling her aroma is taking his mind to other places.
“I can’t believe I’m this close to this man. He smells so charming I think he’s wearing a Lauren collection by Ralph. Sniff, sniff, he is, it’s ‘Romance Silver.’ It smells delightful on him. Goodness, I could stay like this forever.” She said in her mind. His arms hugged her waist with her left arm around his neck; he was holding her right hand their bodies swayed to the music as if they were the only couple on the dance floor.
Tony’s hand went down her spine and felt the small of her back. He felt the curvature of her back and noticed how perfect she was to him. With him being as tall over her as he was, he could see over her shoulder and noticed her ample bottom. His hand touched where her lower back and ass came together. That must have been a soft spot for her. She squirmed a little and giggled.
“Gotcha” he said to himself and lowers his mouth to her ear kissing the top of her right earlobe sending chills down her spine once again.
Tonju then moved her right hand from his hand and placed it on his chest. She could feel his tight chest through his shirt. “Nice” she said to herself. She moved her hand up and down the left side of his chest. They were still swaying to the music both had their eyes closed entranced in the moment. Their legs were between each other’s and their bodies began to grind more and more to the music, it felt as though their bodies had become one right on the dance floor. Tonju could feel Tony’s erection through his pants and he didn’t seem a bit embarrassed. She moved her body more and more on his erection which caused him to moan a bit. “Hmm” she said to herself with a smile. They didn’t notice that the music had stopped until Tony was tapped on the shoulder by Robert.

Excerpt #1 for The J Spot
A quaint New Orleans Jazz Bar right off Bourbon Street. On Friday and Saturday nights the nightlife brought in all the thirty and older crowd from the working middle class. The club used to be a place where you would see older men walk in, have a few drinks, get drunk, and not walk out alone. That’s right. They were picked up by a little honey and were taken to the nearest motel. Some received pleasure in the form of sex and some received pain in the form of a missing wallet. All that changed six months ago when the place was bought by a new owner, now it’s more upscale. A place where people would want to come, relax, unwind and have a good time before heading to their next destination. The place is more of a New Orleans Tapas Style Bar, and Nightclub.
Modest seating and contemporary tables with warm colors painted on the walls. The lighting was dim with hues of purple. The weekends consisted of live music. Friday nights it was Jazz and Saturday nights it was Contempo Indie. The rest of the nights, the music was streamed by a computerized DJ, except Thursday nights which was Spoken Word night. Most of the Indie Poets come out on that night.
The bartender, Kevin Stokes, thirty-four, six foot four, two hundred forty-five pounds, muscular, polished attached goateé and moustaché with caramel hazel eyes that fit perfect with his milk chocolate skin and bald head. He did indeed look like a Snickers candy bar…minus the nuts. He was the epitome of a bartender and a bouncer. He ran the place, he was the Manager. He too was not sure of who the owner of this place was, he just kept it running to the letter of his job description, which was…mix drinks, tend the bar, don’t put your hands in the till and make sure the customers are happy. “A happy customer is a spending customer”, the company’s motto.
He looked after the customer very well, especially the female customers. Kevin did have a way with the ladies. One look into those caramel eyes and they melted. He couldn’t tell you how many pairs of panties he had in his office. Not that he has had sex with a lot of women, it was that the women found him so irresistibly handsome…single and married ones alike…that they leave him their panties with their business cards attached to them. Subtly is not some of these women’s strong suits. Get enough drinks in some of them and they were liable to do and say anything.
Especially his latest encounter, Melanie Gray, thirty-two, single, caramel skin, hazel brown eyes, long wavy hair and from the Bayou’s of Louisiana. She was the Branch Manager of one of the local banks. Living alone has its perks but it also has its disadvantages. Like tonight, she had one of the worst days that anyone can have and going home to an empty house would have been added torture for her as she had no one at home to talk to. This night she decided to stop in at her new favorite bar on this cool summer Friday evening proved to be rewarding for her and helped to get the stress of the day off her back.

Have you noticed that everything you do and everything that you go through in life is a story waiting to be told?  Whether it’s fiction, fantasy, romance, humor, mystery, or non-fiction; your story can be told.  Get the words out of your head…just write.
Jeané has been writing since she was in high school.  Although she kept diaries, just as any teenage in high school, she didn’t realize her writing potential until she entered and won the Mayor’s Essay Award.  She critiques and edits the writings of fellow authors.  She herself is the author of two novels, “Intimate Moments” and “The J Spot”.
Jeané is also a Certified Motivational Life Coach & Speaker ; Certified Book Editor & Freelance Writer; and has a Chocolate Sweet Tooth
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