Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Soul Discovery (New Release)

Soul Discovery (New Release)

Sophie Saterlee has made it her mission to get her life together. Leaving behind an abusive relationship, she's bartending her way through a psychology degree. Ultimate goal? A new, stronger sense of identity.
When a terrifying recurring nightmare begins to poison Sophie’s waking hours and threaten all her progress, once again she’s close to losing everything.
An invitation to a tea leaf reading party sounds like exactly the kind of distraction Sophie needs. But an innocent girls' night out turns into a journey through a complex and treacherous world of magic.
To survive it, Sophie must forge uncomfortable alliances with arrogant Donovan and mysterious Caine. One of them is tied to her past, and the other fills her present. Both men might hold the key to her uncertain future.   
There's more going on in her little corner of the world than Sophie realizes, and the truth will change everything.


Why am I here?

I turned around, searching through the rain for the exit to the street above. The soles of my feet were numb, submerged below rapidly rising water. I lifted a foot, but had to sink it back into the dark water, the crunch of gravel now only a slight pressure against my skin. The creek was flooding into the park, water rushing toward me. Debris from the trees wrapped around my ankles as the stink of the creek wafted into the stirring air. The rain and wind battered the blanket of liquid taking over the park, while an uncomfortable tingle grew up my calves. Cold took root within my body.

A shudder skittered along my spine and crawled under my skin as my panic intensified. This wasn’t just the wind or the rain, or even the cold. The hyper-vigilance of someone watching me had my eyes open wide despite the rain.

I spun around, looking for what had me in its sights. Seeing nothing through the pouring rain but trees in the darkness, the feeling grew into an urgency to escape.

This urgency should have got me moving. Instead I froze, unable to will my body to listen to my brain.

Whatever was in that darkness was close.

Too close.

At my back.

Can I run fast enough to get away? Not with the water now up to my knees. Should I run for the safety of the stairs or confront the thing? Every muscle quivered in fear of either choice. Like a frightened child, I snapped my eyes closed, wishing for a blanket to hide under.

S.J. Cairns is a Southern Canadian, born and raised in St. Catharines, Ontario, where she lives with her bug-killing, video game playing husband of 15 years, her spunky mother-in-law, and their three snorting pugs.
During days off from true chaos working as a Women’s Advocate at a busy downtown women’s shelter, you can find S.J. in her writerly lair, dipped in all things creepy, plotting against her lifetime nemesis, those deadly evil-doers: balloons.
S.J. hopes to one day add her own works of fiction to her overly crammed shelves as she focuses on a five-novel series called the “Soul Seer Chronicles.”