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An Interview with Author, Sydney Aaliyah Michelle

An Interview with Author, Sydney Aaliyah Michelle

Today we welcome a fantastic contemporary romance author, Sydney Aaliyah Michelle. Let's pick her brain and learn about her inspiration, writing advice, and more!

Who is Sydney Aaliyah Michelle?
I am a Sports Romance writer, voracious reader, tattoo lover, and movie fanatic who hails from Texas. After surviving 5 1/2 years living in China, I found the courage to finally pursue my passion and become a writer.

What is the best thing about being a writer?
The best thing about being a writer is hearing from someone who has read and loved my book. I love the when a reader tells me one of my books or characters touched them. With Anxious Love, I already had a woman tell me how she was a victim of sexual assault and my main character Leah was the first character she could relate too. My favorite reviews are the ones that evoke emotions, good or bad, in my readers. I would write even if no one bought my books, but I am so grateful that people do.

How do you start writing your book?  Outlines or just let it flow?
I am a plotter. I write character sketches, setting sketches. I create a scene list and try an assign a motive for each scene before I start writing. Once all that is done, I sit down and write. I try and stay as flexible as my brain will allow during the first drafts, so I give myself permission to create scenes or characters as I write if the need arises, but the planning is so important for me to get the words on the page.

Compared to when you first started writing, have you noticed any big changes in your writing style or how you write compared from then to now? I am more knowledge all around. I write better now and I know the elements that are needed to make a good story. Before I just wrote, but I am a little more systematic about it. I am also more comfortable writing certain scenes that used to make me uncomfortable such a sex scenes and creating a setting for my novels that the readers can picture.

What are some of your favorite pastimes? Do you have any hobbies or collections?
 I love tattoos. I have 7 body parts tattooed. I love to travel. I’ve been blessed to visit over 30 countries. I love food. I have a restaurant/chef bucket list on my blog.
My goal is to visit the restaurants of all the Top Chef winners. I’ve visited 8 so far.

What has been your biggest adventure to date?
My biggest adventure was living in China for over 5 ½ years. I lived in Shenzhen and Shanghai running a golf academy.  After running a business in a foreign country, I feel like I can accomplish anything. It was definitely the hardest things I have ever done, but the challenge made me confident in pursuing my dreams and becoming a writer. 

What book/author inspired you to start writing? 
My favorite author is Stephen King, but every book I read continues to inspire me to write.  I just read The Great Gatsby for the first time and absolutely loved the way Fitzgerald describes the setting.  Even normal every day scenes sound exciting the way he writes them. That’s my inspiration at the moment. 

What's your favorite book/writing related quote? 
“The actual act of writing turns out to be the best part.” by Anne Lamott 
It reminds me that even though there is so much that goes into being a published writer, as long as writing remains the best part, all the rest is worth it. 

Tell us about your book:

Anxious Love is book #1 in the Love Sick Series. It is a story about trauma, isolation, courage and love.

Blurb:  Hopeful about his future after overcoming loss, Ryan Ware is living his dream life as a first round draft pick. He’s enjoying every crazy minute of fame, fortune, and gorgeous women.

Despite being the most sought-after writer in romance, severe anxiety keeps Leah Jones isolated. Having a regimented life keeps the triggers at bay that could put her back in the hospital, perhaps permanently.

A chance meeting in New Orleans, Leah’s brown eyes capture Ryan’s heart, and he vows to learn more about this reclusive beauty.

Can Leah’s anxieties withstand Ryan’s crazy life? Can Ryan learn enough about real love to be the right man for Leah?

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