Friday, June 6, 2014

All Roads Lead Here- a poem by, K.N. Lee

All Roads Lead Here
K.N. Lee

All roads lead here
To the end of your journey
A door creaks open
While your heart is still burning with yearning
For an end to such grief
Or a joyous tomorrow
Like a sleep thief
The night sweeps
And plunges you into such sorrow
Like you've never felt
It's heavy and thick
The emotions flood
And make you feel sick
With guilt and regret
You may start to fret 
But do not forget
You are not
A step through that door
Of dark thoughts
And sickening knots
Will only lock behind
Rewind your mind
To soft sweet kisses
And the family that misses
Their sweet little girl
The light to their world
No need to fret now
Their words may sting
And your enemies may bring
Emotions of dread
So much that you think
That they want you dead
Such power they wield
But your courage
Is your shield 
Show them the truth

The glorious truth within

You still have a choice
You can change your life's story
Because you have a voice...