Monday, December 2, 2013

Nightmares- A Poem

K.N. Lee


Cryptic messages 
Float through the dark
Stark contrast
To the forbidden arts

Stirring in sweat
The night has just begun
You haven't felt true fear yet
Striped clean of innocence
And dipped into the pool of hate
Sated with poison
Set naked before the black gate
Close your eyes and listen
To the call of the crows
Bow in tense silence
To the bleak images that are shown

Slithering snakes 
And snapping feral beasts
Glittering stakes
And bloody feasts
Don't eat the fruit!
Flies will surely fill your belly
Teeth will fall out like rain
Leaving gums of mush and jelly
Such deafening lies
Thump inside your head
Peel your eyes open 
To escape this world of dread
Cry for your mother
And hide beneath your bed