Monday, December 16, 2013

Divide by, Shane Hogan

Shane Hogan

Through the eyes the world is seen;
Picturesque mountains painting clouds serene, 
Watching rivers run so slow;
Off to valleys 
Where the green grass grows 
In my distance I observe the plain,
Over there, and back again
Humble hornet's bat weighted wings,
But cure my eyesight with their potent stings;
I gradually change my view and line of sight 
And  cast my vision on coastal night
The wind catch's water,
And wave catch's rock ,
And on the great beach 
Each pebble is dropped
Time gives abrasion, 
And structure gives way; 
All that is great and titanic 
Will brake down to clay  
So all that's left to wonder 
Is true life ,
  To bind a soul 
With its embodied wife,
Or foresee a path so drenched 
With its ink-less strife, 
But I'll hear the moment 
Great or small 
And my dumb, deaf heart 
Will transcend the call