Thursday, January 17, 2013

Writing Tip #1 Utilize Your Dreams

Dreams and nightmares can be a writers saving grace. I just had a week of writers block, but something that can help you push through is a daily writing quota. I force myself to sit down everyday and write 1000 words. They may not always be the best 1000 words I've ever written, but you'd be surprised by what you come up with. Pushing through that initial resistance can yield gold.

Last night I had a nightmare. Don't worry, it happens to me...every night. As a writer, I use this frightening material to my advantage. I keep an open notebook and a pen on my nightstand, so that when I wake up, I quickly jot down what I saw in my dream and how it made me feel. This helps me remember my dreams, and in time, you can train yourself to be more lucid during your dreams. Such a skill encourages those dreams and nightmares so that you can use them. 

Some nights, I even focus on a part in my story that needs help, and guess what, I dream up a solution. Journaling is a vital part of being a writer. You can find inspiration in your subconscious thoughts. Set a daily quota and keep to it. You'll be surprised by the results! 

Write on!