Thursday, January 17, 2013

World Building

As I work on completing The Chronicles of Koa, and wait for Rise of the Flame to be edited, I reflect on what I love most about creating stories. World building is one of my favorites aspects of the writing process. How else can you create an entirely new world? What can be more fun and exciting? 

 In Rise of the Flame, I have created an entirely new world that is sectioned into realms where each race is separated. Along with the creation of unique races and enhancements of mythological creatures, I have also drawn maps and geography for my world. Each detail adds truth to this land that you've created. Rules and consistency with use of power and physics can give your story that extra edge.

 In the Chronicles of Koa, I have made a sub-world, parallel to ours. The Netherworld is an interesting place. There is a back story that combines history, mythology, and even religion. Such aspects make the world a bit more tangible, where the reader can immerse themselves and visualize this new world.  So far, each chapter presents new surprises and special little details that I never even expected! These are the things that make me rush home to my lap top or pen and pad.