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The R&R Trilogy: A Vampire Romance by, Michael W. Holman

The R&R Trilogy: 

A Vampire Romance 

by, Michael W. Holman

Resolve & Retribution: Book One of the R&R Trilogy

Michael W. Holman presents "Resolve and Retribution", a critically acclaimed paranormal romance with enough bite to keep readers on the edge of their seats. 

By day, Ben Hammonds leads a routine life: Oregon state agency office job, distance running, and avoiding traffic when it's possible. But once the sun sets, his life isn't so ordinary. He's in a relationship with a vampire who hasn't drawn breath since she was a young noblewoman in Birmingham, England, during the seventeenth century. Although Tabitha loves him, there's a secret she can't bring herself to divulge from that era. As Ben learns the hard way, there are rules for humans and vampires alike. He must decide how far he'll go to protect loved ones when an ancient undead adversary of Tabitha's intensifies an already bloody vampire power struggle. 

And he must do it within his own hometown.

5 Star Paranormal Romance! "This is a GREAT book! The story is involving, sexy, and exciting from beginning to end. A story of true love spanning the life of an ordinary man in the soggy Pacific Northwest who is thrust into the extraordinary secret world of vampires."

Returns & Reunions: Book Two of the R&R Trilogy

Tabitha, Ben's vampire girlfriend, has at last asked one question that can forever align their destinies: does she have his free will consent to turn him from a human into one of her kind? Before he can answer, a traitor they have both made the mistake of forgetting about wreaks havoc. 

Any long-term romantic dreams the couple may have made get obliterated as they and their allies-introduced in Resolve And Retribution-desperately attempt to thwart an embittered enemy of Tabitha who wants a far less mortal-friendly Council of Thirteen chartered. It was such a predatory council Lilith had intended to start, which was her motive for annihilating the original one Tabitha and her mother had served. But nefarious as the ancient Roman vampire had been, there were boundaries even she didn't cross. 

To Ben's alarm, her protégé, the same traitor whom Tabitha had once believed to be her friend, is delighted to trample over and past those boundaries without a second thought. Once again, Ben must act decisively to protect family and friends alike. In this sequel novel Returns and Reunions, Ben, Tabitha, and remnant allies holding fast to their principles regarding peaceful human-vampire coexistence face an adversary as dangerous as she is unpredictable. 

And when the inevitable confrontation ignites, more than one final goodbye will have to be said.

Hi, I'm Michael W. Holman.

Here's part of what BlueInk Review had to say about my first book: "Resolve And Retribution is an original genre novel sure to delight resolute vampire aficionados. The satisfying ending leaves readers hoping for more." If you would like to read their whole review, I invite you to visit when the opportunity presents itself.

I don't have a background in the construction industry, but I'll use an analogy as if I did. The foundation for my first novel was actually poured in the late 90's when a pen-pal I had in Birmingham England sent me a number of documents that contained interesting facts about the city's history, in addition to travel-related informative brochures. I regret to say my pen-pal and I lost contact with each other long ago. However, the material she mailed me remains in my possession to this day. 

As I said, the documents Jane sent were the foundation, but the building didn't actually get started until 2009, when I watched a DVD in my collection and a supporting character asked the lead one if he'd "ever written that book". When the sad reply was negative, a spark ignited inside. I distinctly recall thinking aloud, "That will not happen to me."

I began to ask myself what if. What if I wrote a story of vampires but their origins were unlike what I've read and enjoyed? What if it the male lead character I created was just another human guy with bills to pay and a job to do, and his romantic interest stopped aging when she was a young noblewoman during England's Civil War? And what if, despite all the supernatural powers of the undead she possessed, it was that ordinary man's free will which would decide her fate in a vampire civil war?

So, there's the background of how "Resolve And Retribution" went from a concept to a novel that was first published in September of 2013. 

It was re-branded and re-released by a different publisher, The Book Nymph PR (Kenya and her staff are consummate pros, so I definitely made the right call for my second try) in early February 2016. Readers who own the first editions released by Xlibris will notice right away both "Resolve and Retribution: Book 1 of the R&R Trilogy" and "Returns and Reunions: Book 2 of the R&R Trilogy" have covers that are drastically different. The imagery is truly powerful. I should also mention while both stories have plots which remain the same, they are now 6,000 and 8,000 words longer, respectively.

Will others concur with internationally best-selling author K.N. Lee and additional Amazon customers who enjoyed my first two books enough to give them the coveted 5-star rating? I hope so, but I have no control over that, so I'll simply focus upon getting "Response and Reward: Book 3 of the R&R Trilogy" written. I'm at 52,225 words right now. My goal is to finish by May 22, 2016. I'm my father's Best Man for his wedding that day.

All the best to you and yours.

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