Wednesday, April 27, 2016

NIGHT of the STORM (Cover Reveal & Giveaway)

NIGHT of the STORM (Cover Reveal & Giveaway)


After their dreamscapes collided, the Flame and the Storm finally meet.

An instant connection sparks between them, but their fragile alliance is threatened by the brewing war on Ellowen as a fallen god puts the pieces into place for devastating attacks that will bring him to total supremacy.

In Kryil, Queen Aria must survive a deadly plague that threatens both her people and her place on the Orenian throne.

The Tryans and fairies who survive abandon their homes to seek refuge in other realms.

The Seer—too afraid to use her powers—becomes nothing more than a shell of herself as Bellens grinds her down through torturous experiments designed to destroy her. An eccentric and unlikely assassin is her only hope of rescue.

Lilae’s bright flame is dimmed by a relentless curse that threatens to bend her to the will of the Shadow Elf who held her captive and who will use every trick he has to destroy her trust in the man she needs by her side to save the world.

Lilae and Liam were born to be strong. But, even the power of their love may not be enough to save them.