Tuesday, April 8, 2014

When All Else Fails, I Must Write

Despite the pressing issues of life and the obstacles that one might face, there must be an outlet for everyone. For me, that is the ability to create worlds and pen characters into creation. It is this gift that keeps me sane. 

The launch of Dark Prophet came at the perfect time. Emotional turmoil gave way to a revelation. After weeks of procrastination and fretting over the completion of the highly anticipated sequel to The Chronicles of Koa: Netherworld, it took a moment of heartache to set my pen ablaze and finish the story. I admit, I put Koa through a lot of suffering. I made her feel my pain and was delighted to see her triumph.

Truly, pain can be awfully inspiring. 

Writing is therapy for the soul. 
That was the title of an English paper I wrote in college. The assignment was to write about your favorite activity and why you love it so much. Is it the fact that writing creates an escape from reality? Or, is it the fact that it gives the soul an outlet for its desires and dreams? I think it is both. 

And so, when all else fails...
I must write.

Stay tuned for more works by author, K.N. Lee in 2014.

Rise of the Flame- Coming in January 2015
Her Haunted Shadow- Coming  July 2015