Saturday, February 1, 2014

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Mystery, Thriller & Suspense: "On the Inside" A Classic Mafia Crime and Punishment book with Gangsters, kidnapping mystery, a fiction story about serial killers and murder

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Book Description
January 15, 2014
Detective Hazel Hanson is one of the best in her field. Her headstrong and stubborn approach has proven itself in every solved murder case in New York City. But all of that changes when she is given the responsibility of solving The Slitter Case.

Unaware of the true dangers that lie in wait for her, Detective Hanson attempts to find the man responsible for the brutal killings of several women in New York City. The scales begin to tip when FBI agents storm in to assist with the case. Among them is Special Agent Owen Jones, the only person Hazel has ever loved and whose sudden reappearance after five years threatens to jeopardize her sanity.

As she battles with her own inner demons, the case and her life begin to spiral out of control. This young detective is unprepared for the hidden dangers that lie on the other side and unaware that her life now hangs in the balance.

Amazon Reader Reviews:

"Suspense and action dominate in this tense and complex procedural. I really liked the layers of organization at play in this plot: a family with generations of prominent law enforcement leadership battling the Italian mafia, an underground protection arm, and a torture-loving serial killer, with various overlapping interests and investigations. Kipling doles out the information, reveals and twists in a harrowing fashion, so we're never quite sure when our central characters will be safe, or whom they should be trusting when even police members in the same family keep major secrets from each other.

I gravitate to strong female leads like Hazel Hanson. She's tough, a fearless fighter, and loyal to a fault. She continually has to prove herself. She's vulnerable too, by nature of the plot against a slasher, but also as a person who thinks she needs to reject personal relationships and potential motherhood. She's an intriguing character, and I'm hoping there are sequels in the works so we can continue to see what's next for Hazel.

The ending, whew, I don't want to spoil it for you. Buckle up. It's a rough ride!"

"How unexpected this book ended. A great read! Now normally I am right to who are the guilty ones or what will happen next, though not with this one. Author James Kipling has an unique writing style as he takes you on a journey of emotional whirlwind with twists and turns. As soon as you think you know what will happen next, the Author surprises you with an interesting twists.

This is a well developed storyline keeping you guessing as the story unravels before your eyes. I believe anyone will relate to some character within this book with all the details built unconsciously to the reading, into the background and personalities of each character and plots.

An awesome story filled with mystery, love and destruction, drama and hate and the unfortunate of death. The first time I could put down this book was when I finished reading the last page. Well done to the Author! I highly recommend this book to anyone wishing to entangling themselves in a bit of unpredicted mystery."

"An action-packed murder mystery that I have been longing to get my hands on. On The Inside really delivered. I couldn't put it down. I love the femme role and the storyline was rock solid. A must have to any crime/mystery lover."