Thursday, June 13, 2013

Ten Things You Never Knew About K.N. Lee!

2013 has been one of the best years of my life! Who am I kidding? It is the best year of my life. 2010 when I went to South Korea is a very close second! So, we've had a book release...three publications: The Chronicles of Koa: Netherworld, Thicker Than Blood, and Wicked Webs

Guess's not over! This fall I finally get to go to London. I have dreamed about these two things when I was a little girl. To hold my published paperback in my hands was an extremely emotional moment for me. I don't know what I'll do once I set foot on London soil (you'll have a difficult time convincing me to go home!) 

In honor of this joyous year, I thought I'd share a few things with you all. Maybe some of you know a few of my little secrets, but I'm sure most of you don't! So...HERE GOES!

  1. I collect Roman history books (Awesome, I know!)
  2. I've been chronicling my dreams since I was in high school (Call me the next Stephen King. Those dreams are creepy!)
  3. I've never eaten a cookie (Hehehe...let's get serious)
  4. I had to see a psychologist when I was in the 5th grade due to emotional trauma caused by bullying (I wonder how I turned out so cheerful!)
  5. I used to want to be an archaeologist, like Indian Jones...or a martial arts master. (Hmmm...any similarities with Koa and Ian?)
  6. Um...I'm a gamer girl. Mic, ventrilo, and all...(Psst...don't tell anyone.)
  7. I was Homecoming Queen in high school...and captain of the cheer leading team. (Woot! Didn't see that coming!)
  8. After my father was murdered, my mom took me on a trip around the country. I was only four, but I remember every stop! (I didn't know how powerful that trip was until I was older. No tears anyone!)
  9. I used to copy my textbooks during school so that I could reread and study them during the summer. (<---nerd!)
  10. I think my obsession with red hair comes from my envy of my mom's beautiful red hair. I found a picture of her as a little girl and couldn't believe how fiery red her hair was. I've been intrigued since that day! (Meet Lilae! My red-haired warrior in Rise of the Flame)
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