Thursday, May 9, 2013

When The Clock Strikes One- A Poem

When The Clock Strikes One
K.N. Lee 

When the clock strikes one
The house is quiet
All creaks pause
All mice freeze
The darkness hovers
Straggling the light
The door stands open
As wind sweeps through
I stand in the doorway
"I'm not afraid of you!"

Giggles emerge from far behind
I glance over my shoulder
Four girls
Two guys
 They taunt me and tease
"Do it!"
"Do it!"
I hide my shaking knees
Breath in deep
"Let's get to it."
I say these words in my head
Pray for courage
Why couldn't Kate go?
Or one of the guys instead?

My footsteps are too loud
I hold my breath  
Old Man Hickman's house   
Is empty
There's nothing left
But tales of ghosts and ghouls
Murders and suicides
I swallow hard
Look at a dark ring on the floor
Not mud
Dried blood
  My flashlight searches in a frenzy
Who is here?
I cannot see
I feel eyes
I hear whispers
"You guys better not be fooling around with me!"
I'm too afraid to shout it

 So I think about it

I hear a thump

I jump and bump
Into something big, hard, cold
Too afraid to look
Not quite bold
I run
Into a cellar of mold
Stuffy air
I don't care
Whatever was there
Won't find me here
Oh dear
I scream
I cry

Lights flicker on
Kids in costumes
I sigh
And a blade slides across my throat
What a fright!
Four girls
Two guys
Betrayed me
On Hallows Eve night...