Saturday, September 2, 2017

The Red Queen is Coming!

The Red Queen is Coming!

So, I asked my fan club members which popular fairy tale villain they'd love to see a story told about. And, they gave me several awesome ideas. Funny enough, I decided that I wouldn't just pick ONE to write a story about. No way. I'm K.N. Lee...let's write THEM ALL!!

Introducing Wonderland University.

Prepare for an epic paranormal romance series by New York Times bestselling author, K.N. Lee that flips fairy-tales and dives into the world of our favorite villains.
Graduating highschool was a piece of cake. Try surviving a college where fairies make up the cheerleading squad, doorways open to other worlds, and finals are life or death. Literally. 

Welcome to Wonderland University.

Iracebeth has four years until she sits on the throne as the Red Queen of Wonderland. But, four years with her arch nemesis, Alice proves to be more of a brutal eternity when her life starts to systematically fall apart. Did she have to steal her boyfriend, friends, and every hope for happiness? 

For once, Beth is tired of being the perfect princess. This year, she's going to fight back. Poor little Alice has no idea what's coming.

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