Tuesday, January 19, 2016

An Eye for an Eye (The Club) by M.C. Cerny

An Eye for an Eye 

(The Club) 

by M.C. Cerny

Lorand Duvall returned to Karim, Texas to complete unfinished business. His work as an assassin is simple and unemotional. The perfect job for a broken man. Unfortunately, he forgot that the heart has other ideas, including the reason he left Karim to begin with. 

Blinded in an accident, Jude Noire lives a secluded life. With the loss of her sight, she is left vulnerable depending on her remaining senses and those close to her to keep her safe. 

At The Club, there are three rules: 

1. Keep your mouth shut. 
2. Keep your mouth shut. 
3. Keep your mouth shut. 

Some seek vengeance while others seek truth. Contracts must be satisfied and desires explored leaving both Lorand and Jude with a vested interest in all The Club has to offer, because both are seeking…an Eye for an Eye. 

** This a standalone book with a sexy HEA. It is meant for readers 18+, includes sexual content and language.** 

This is a multi-author project; you can find all The Club books at http://www.theclub.website/