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An Interview with Author, Scottie Jeanette Madden

An Interview with Author, 

Scottie Jeanette Madden

Where are you from?
I’m a native southern California girl. I was born in San Diego and raised in Crestline in the San Bernardino Mountains.

What did you do before you decided to write your book?
I have been in television. I left high school – studied film & TV at San Diego State, and had my first show two weeks after college. My plan to to take over the world and direct film was working! After that show ended, I went freelance as a camera operator and lighting director (I had to prove myself all over again). I was hired as the DP (director of photography) for “Surfer Magazine,” a series that ran for five years on ESPN. We were a small crew, so I was also the AD (assistant director) and became the editor & graphic designer. After Surfer, I had world travel production experience and my career went into international waters… But, I was pitching shows every chance I could in Hollywood, and finally one of them stuck – a children’s show. I directed and co-wrote for our two seasons – finally a writer-director credit! But once again, adventure television lured me back, and I was hired a producer for NBC’s “The Contender.” From there, I rose up with more responsibility and bigger credits and last year, I was the Executive Producer, “Showrunner” for three series on Discovery & Nat Geo networks. I never stopped writing, mostly screenplays, including my own feature film which I also directed called, ”the kiss.”

When did you start writing?
I started writing screenplays in high school. Instead of the assigned 5-page term paper, I would hand in a script instead – 120 pages! Actually, my teachers loved it! They loved the stories and didn’t mind the extra reading.
Since then,  I’ve averaged about 2 screenplays a year.  But this is my first book. I have been writing several in my head since I first read Lord of the Rings (I also shot those movies in my head up until Mr. Jackson’s triumph). I always thought my first book would be fiction. I love, love, love, telling stories.  But this one came out (pun intended) when I was telling my story to some dear friends at a party held in my honor, and my friend David said, “Are you writing ANY of this down?” I started the next day, last May, and was finished with the first draft in July. Thanks David!

What was your favorite part about writing Getting Back to Me?
I think… well, probably one of the most palpable ways to understand how truly loved and loving one can be, is to count your blessings.  As I relived the journey, I could see even the subtlest ways that I have such unbelievable people in my life. And, seeing a “written record” of how amazing people can be with the simplest gestures of kindness was life affirming.   

Your least favorite?
Yeah, I guess I should’ve seen that coming… least favorite… well, reliving the bad times. As high as the highs were, the lows were the times of my life that I thought I had successfully put in my rear-view mirror. But alas… in the reliving of my life, the old stuff resurfaced to hurt me all over again. The good news is that I’m much stronger this time around, and the bad times truly were behind me.

Who is your greatest supporter?
By far, my beloved wife, Marcy. She is capital “L” love, incarnate. After 28 years together, 26 of them married, I can say she is the greatest woman that has ever lived. In all senses and definitions of the word.

Who is your favorite author?
I always try to have a pithy answer for this one. Let’s try it this way this time: I learned that words, character and plot have a legacy, as well as a poetry form J.R.R. Tolkien. I learned that intimacy and immediacy of character is not an accident of the reader, but are the intention, art and skill of the writer, from J.K. Rowling. And I learned that even the simplest moments become epic turning points with the proper emotional resonance from the legendary Ray Bradbury. And I learned that literary “swaggah” is a powerful tool from Hunter Thompson.
Favorite book?
I have to be honest here. I read about 10 books a year, from biographies to fiction. There’s a ton of great material and most of it sticks with me long after I put the book down. And if that’s the criteria… then I will stand with my fellow geeks and declare, LOTR… “one ring to rule them all and in the darkness bind them.”

Is there a message that you want to deliver with your book?
We are all humans. What gives us “stewardship” of the earth is our ability to love even the things we don’t understand. When we love first and ask questions later, we all not only benefit; we are better.

What is next for Scottie Jeanette Madden?
The proper question is what things are next for Scottie Madden. In this town and line of work, you have to keep several things going at once or you will lose your mind.  I am developing two television drama series, one based on my book, the other based on my vampyre film. I am living part 2 of GBTM, and already have a third of the material as journal entries. This process of writing and promoting a book has also lit the fuse on a cook book that I’ve been toying with since I started writing my recipes down ten years ago. I currently have 75 unique dishes; my goal is 100. 

About the Author

Though this is Ms. Madden’s first book, she is no stranger to the craft, with credits for creating and writing children's television (Pug & Zero’s Field Trip), feature film (the kiss), gameshows (Do You Trust Me? Duel, On the Cover and Last to Survive), primetime (Blood of Queens, The Other Woman, Out of the Wild, Dude, You're Screwed), and award winning screenplays (The Babe on Sunset, the kiss). Ms. Madden balances her time between being writing and producer/showrunner in the adventure documentary world. Known for her engaging storytelling and bold visual style, Scottie has over 30 years in the trenches. Rising through the technical ranks as camera operator and editor, she brings front line experience to her work as writer, director and showrunner. Her feature writing and directing debut, the kiss, was decorated in film festivals and was featured at AFM. As showrunner, Her recent work, Discovery’s Land Rush and the legendary Dude, You’re Screwed (Suvive That! Internationally) and Nat Geo’s The Ark.  Her directing credits include Hot Tamales Live! and The Best of It’s Showtime at the Apollo comedy series.

To learn more about the author, visit zuzubean.com/authors

Move over Caitlyn, adventure filmmaker went from girl to boy to woman in just fifty years.

Zuzubean Press is excited to announce the Nov. 10, 2015 release of "Getting Back to Me” from girl to boy to woman in just fifty years. The real-time account of the coming out and M to F transition of an alpha-dog.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) November 05, 2015
In the wake of the Caitlyn Jenner’s privileged transition in the public eye comes the real world transition of a down-to-earth trans woman in real-time. Scottie Madden uses her journal entries to shed fresh light on the trans experience as she leaves behind fear and “white male privilege” to embrace truth, grace and womanhood. Her gut-wrenching journey of love, acceptance and honesty becomes the ultimate survival show.

Scottie didn’t make it easy on herself. Like many late-stage trans women, Scottie had made one helluva guy; succeeding as husband of 26 years, the only son, the big brother to three sisters and the legendary adventurer uncle to their children. Everything in her life screamed “alpha male,” but no one could guess that Scottie, a top survival showrunner for Discovery Channel and the History Channel, known for leading übermale productions into the world’s most dangerous and remote locations was losing a lifelong battle for her soul. It takes true love from her wife of 26 years for Scottie to shake off fifty years of expectations from her family, society and herself. But first she had to face the denial that she had embraced to shield herself from the heartache of a life that would go on unlived.
Scottie shines her laser sharp instincts for the truth (finally) on herself, and reveals the inner workings of the human soul as it strives to reconcile fear, love, happiness and the truth of who we all are. Her ability to articulate the deepest murmurs of the heart translates to anyone who has ever tried to deal with the insidious malady that goes by the name of denial.
Formidable, fearless, lively, and, above all, charmingly fun, Scottie brings you along with her to the outer edges of the showdown with dangerous private truths. “Getting Back to Me” shows that love does conquer all. Scottie’s unshakable faith in love and her family, friends and community, and her belief in them to be the best that they can be, pays off in inspiring ways.
~ Sally Park Rubin, author of” The Overfunctioning Woman's Handbook,” says, “Riveting! Tragic hero turns triumphant heroine. If you believe love conquers all, this book will inspire you to go for more of THAT. Formidable, fearless, lively, and, above all, charmingly fun, Scottie, a Hollywood survival show showrunner, brings you safely along with her to the outer edges of anyone's ability to confront dangerous private truths...takes you on a wild ride overlooking the breathtaking canyons of the soul of a woman."

Scottie Madden is a showrunner of adventure reality TV with recent shows on Discovery Channel (“Land Rush,” “Dude, You’re Screwed”) and The History Channel (“The Ark”). She has written for children’s television (“Pug and Zero’s Field Trip”), games shows (“Duel,” “Do you trust me?” “Last to Survive”), and feature film (“the kiss”). She lives in Woodland Hills with her wife, her dog Aria and her beloved oak trees in the shadow of “dirt Mulholland.”

Zuzubean Press http://www.zuzubean.com - is an independent publisher of material that engages, entertains, illumines and inspires, based in Los Angeles. 

Contact: Marcy Madden 818.489.4341 info@zuzubean.com

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