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Beautiful Stranger **Review Tour**

Beautiful Stranger 

**Review Tour**

Beautiful Stranger 

Twenty-four year old Claudia has always been the sensible one. From her boring call centre job right down to her practical wardrobe, flash and extravagant are not part of her normal vocabulary. She may live in Ascot, the home of British horseracing, but the presence of all the moneyed revellers blocking her route home from work are more of a nuisance than a thrill. Until one of them catches her eye... 

Peter’s life couldn’t be more different. All his life he’s worked hard to make it in the banking industry, to give his wife all she’s ever wanted. After a day of sipping champagne and watching the races, an indiscretion of hers with Peter’s colleague changes this picture-perfect vision of middle class life forever. He decides to cut and run, only, he hasn’t a clue where he’s going. 

A chance meeting by the side of the road brings them together, making them forget their opposing backgrounds. Is passion alone enough to overcome their differences?

Beautiful Stranger is book 2 in the Chance Encounters series.

Chance Encounters is a series of stand-alone novellas set in jolly old England, following a set of loosely connected people as they find love in unexpected places. Can love conquer all, from class differences to age gaps? Read on and find out.

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Beautiful Stranger is quick read that delivers on heat, romance, and an overall fantastic story. 

We begin with Claudia, a young woman bored with her job and her life, and tired of the worthless men she's used to dating. On a chance encounter she meets Peter. He's drunk in his car, and seems utterly hopeless...except he's incredibly good-looking and somehow urges an uncharacteristic response from Claudia.

She offers to drive him to her house to sober up.


Once at her home it doesn't take long for his charm to spark something new in her. She learns of his wife's betrayal and immediately empathizes with him. How could anyone cheat on a man so attractive, wealthy, and genuinely kind?

Passions ignite, and the two heat up the pages as they explore and please each other's bodies. The sex scenes deliver, and are well written...but what pleases me is that it doesn't end there. There is so much more to this story that you must explore. Beautifully written, with characters that feel real almost immediately, this book is one that I would recommend.


Hedonist (or simply "H.") is a Romance writer based in rainy England. Addicted to caffeine, chocolate and impure thoughts, she likes to write short stories and serial novels dealing with those aspects of the human condition that we all think about, yet dare not discuss openly. No-one is perfect, neither are her characters, which makes them all the more relatable and well-liked by her fans.

Quick Facts about Hedonist Six

·         She's an independent author, who started her career in 2012.
·         Her work can best be described as "Uncensored Romance". The connection between the main characters takes centre-stage, but not much happens behind closed doors.
·         Some of her favourite words contain only four letters, yet another thing left "uncensored" in her work.
·         Unlike every other writer out there, she does not drink coffee. But take away her chocolate and tea, and all hell will break loose.
·         She lives in London with her husband and seemingly ever-expanding collection of motorised two- and four-wheeled companions.
·         When she's not writing, she's off living her secret life as a boring office worker.
·         When they first meet her, most people can't quite figure out the origins of her accent.
·         Her catalogue consists of two serialised novels and three novellas, all of them contemporary (steamy) romance featuring characters so realistic you feel you might bump into them at your local supermarket.
·         Find her publications here: Amazon Author Central

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