Friday, June 26, 2015

Madison & Amy- A Poem

Madison & Amy
K.N. Lee

We grabbed our coats
Lips pursed in fear
We tip-toed down the hallway
So that he wouldn't hear

Our heartbeats drummed
At frightful speeds
We're running away
From step-dad's deeds

His snores are our sign
That he has no clue
What Madison and I
Are about to do 

I hold my sister's hand
And lead her to the door
His snores abruptly stop
And we look back
Once more

He's standing there
Wild black hair
Scruffy beard
His blue eyes glare

He's watching us
Belt in hand
Scowl on face
But me,
I do not waste
Any time
I pull her free
And into the meadow
We escape
And Amy