Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Spell Gone Awry- Creative writing prompt


The spell went horribly wrong! Who is this woman? What spell did she try to cast? What happens now?

Response by Mindy Springer:

Mindy Springer  
The toad is her son. He had a terminal disease and in her effort to save him from death she wrote and performed a spell to cure him. Little did she know that the herbalist who sold her what should have been the powder of a unicorns horn sold her the powered bones of toads because she could not find the elusive creature. 
She wears the poison earrings to remind herself of her folly because she is loosing her memory. Her love for her son prevents her from wishing for death in order to care for him, she is still on a mission to acquire the Sorcerer's stone to prolog her life until he passes this world and frees her to die. as atonement for not being able to reverse the spell she placed on him. 
Sadly, had she given her life in return for his he would have been instantly transformed. Her son knows the truth, but out of love for his mother, he sacrifices the life of a human to spare her life... 

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