Friday, May 16, 2014

The Relic- Short Story by, K.N. Lee

The Relic
A Short Story, by K.N. Lee

Rebecca looked up to see Jordan place something in her khaki-colored bag. The moonlight caught on something shiny and Rebecca was certain.

Jordan was stealing the relic.

The other archeologists were asleep. Their soft breaths and snores mixed with the sounds of the jungle night.

Rebecca sat up. Her long hair cascaded over her shoulders like waves of scarlet red. She frowned.

Jordan looked around to see if anyone had seen her. Her eyes met Rebecca's.

"Becca," Jordan choked. She cleared her throat and nervously ran a hand through her short blonde hair. She avoided Rebecca's piercing black eyes. "What are you doing up?"

Rebecca nodded to Jordan's bag. Her tone was icy. "You're trying to steal the relic. Put it back or I will shoot."

Jordan gulped when she saw that Rebecca had a small laser gun pointed at her chest.

Jordan held her hands up. Rebecca cursed and rolled out of the way as Jordan switched her Alienware on. The glow blinded Rebecca as the metallic armor covered Jordan's entire body.

Everyone woke. There was chaos as the other archeologists tried to run to their bags.

Rebecca slammed her fist on the ground. Jordan shot torrents of electricity at the others. She was covered in silver, shining beneath the light of the moon. Her green eyes caught sight of Rebecca and a low, robotic, laugh resonated from the armor.

"You've lost this time, Becca. I'm taking this back to Earth, where I will be the hero. I'm done being your assistant! I'm done living in your shadow! You..." She stuttered. Her green eyes narrowed. "You freak!"

Rebecca smirked, yet there was no humor in her eyes. Rebecca was known as overly thorough. An overachiever. A one-upper. Well, she didn't care what others said about her. She warned the others not to leave their equipment in their bags.

Amateurs, she thought.

Rebecca slid her hand in her pants and pressed a button on the cold belt that wrapped itself around her small waist.

She never went to sleep without her Alienware.

A blast of fire roared as it cut through the warm night air towards her. It was too late. Rebecca stood. Every inch of her body was covered in red armor. It clung to her flesh like a second skin. She raised her eyes to Jordan's and the smaller girl took a step back.

Even through the armor, Rebecca could see the girl shaking with fear. She was no match for a true Alien...